Welcome to my home here on the web! That's me, Hannah Murray – Romance Author, A Go-Go! (Seriously, that’s what it says on my business cards).

So what do you get in a Hannah Murray story?  Well, it varies. Sometimes it’s straight romantic comedy, sometimes there’s a little intrigue or kinky craziness thrown in, and once in a while I’ll try my hand at something a bit more off the beaten path.  But there are a couple of things you can count on finding in one of my books:

There will always be something to make you laugh (people are goofy, and never goofier than when they’re falling in love)

There will always be hot, sweaty, jungle sex (because I like hot, sweaty, jungle sex, and I’m the one writing here)

There will always be a happy ending – because life should have more of them.

If that sounds tasty to you, just head to the Books page for an in depth look at some of my work. If you’re interested in finding out more about me and how I got here, you’ll find that over on the About section, and there’s lots of other fun stuff scattered throughout the site. So pour yourself a glass of the bubbly, kick back, and take a look around.