Sharing Shane FINAL E-2

It's all fun and games until someone falls in love.

Veronica was supposed to be spending the week in Bermuda with her charming boyfriend, not some guy she’d never met. But she caught her boyfriend charming the neighbor, and now she needs a warm body to fulfill the double occupancy requirement of the resort—or forfeit the pre-paid, non-refundable vacation entirely.

Shane is way too busy to take a vacation. But his boyfriend thinks he needs a break, and a friend of a friend needs a favor. Which is how he ends up in a beachside bungalow with a beautiful woman—and only one bed.

Grumpy, bearded Shane seems like the perfect way to jump back into being single—or would be if the sexy carpenter wasn’t taken. But taken is relative, and when a series of events reveals that Shane is A) bisexual, B) polyamorous, and C) as into her as she is into him, they make damn good use of that one bed.

Can a fling turn into a future?

Back home, the reality of Shane’s polyamorous life could throw a bucket of cold water on all that heat. Sharing Shane for fun and games is one thing, but Veronica will have to decide if she can share him for love—for a lifetime.

sharing shane


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COPYRIGHT © 2023 solitary vice publications

I wrote this book a while ago, and I had it set aside because I just wasn't sure how it would be received. Most of the polyamorous romances on the market at the time I finished it were ménage romances, or a poly triad, with all parties involved in the romance and the Happily Ever After and well, this isn't like that. Shane is in a relationship with two people, but those two people aren't in a romantic relationship with each other. So it's a little different, and though it reflects a lot of the polyamorous arrangements that I've encountered in the real world, I wasn't sure how the romance reader community would receive it. But in the last few years the genre has expanded its understanding of polyamorous romances, so I'm taking a shot. I hope y'all like it!

behind the book

Veronica was stretched out on her living room couch, a taco in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. The wine had a bendy straw in it so she could drink it lying down.

“You’re so fucking classy,” Delia told her.

Veronica let go of the straw just long enough to say, “I know,” then clamped her mouth around it again and sucked up more wine.

When the glass was empty, she set it on the floor and turned her attention to the taco. “You should talk, you’re the one who ordered street tacos.” She bit into it with undisguised glee, then mumbled around it, “I thought you were going to order up some fancy pants rich lady food.”

“Cheating boyfriends deserve tacos,” Delia said, then frowned. “Well, the cheating boyfriend doesn’t deserve tacos, but when you find your boyfriend cheating on you, you deserve tacos.”

Veronica mumbled her agreement around a mouthful of her well-earned lunch.

“And anyway, I was craving meat. Judith,” she said with a sneer for her mother-in-law, “has decided to go gluten-free and vegan.”

Veronica paused with the taco halfway to her mouth. “Why?”

“She says she’s trying to be healthier.” Delia bit into her own taco and chewed. “Which would be fine if that were true, and she wasn’t doing it just to fuck with me.”

“Hand me a salsa packet, would you?”

From her cross-legged perch on the other side of the coffee table, Delia dug through the pile of food cartons, napkins, and condiment packets. “Green salsa or regular?”

“Regular. Thanks.” Veronica caught the tossed packet one-handed, tore it open with her teeth, and squeezed the contents onto her taco. “Why do you think she’s fucking with you?”

“Because she was eating a BLT on sourdough in the butler’s pantry at two o’clock this morning, that’s why.”

“What were you doing up at two o’clock in the morning?”

Delia shook her head as she chewed. “I wasn’t. Julian put cameras in the kitchen. Caught on tape. Digital. Whatever.”

Veronica blinked. “Since when do you have video cameras in your kitchen?”

“Since Judith demanded Julian put them there, so she could make sure the cook wasn’t slipping anything non-vegan or gluteney into her food. I didn’t know anything about it until Cora spotted them and asked me.” Delia shook her head. “She thought we were spying on her, that we thought she was stealing or something. Julian came clean when she threatened to quit.”

“Wait, wait, wait.” Veronica made the effort to shove herself into a seated position, holding the taco aloft so none of the salsa would spill. “She asked Julian to spy on your housekeeper?”


“Because she thought they’d try to sneak her some dairy or eggs or pasta or something?”


“And those are the cameras that caught her eating bacon.”

“You see why I need weed?”

Veronica was giggling so hard the couch was shaking. “What did she say when you called her out?”

“I didn’t.” Delia looked smug. “I told Julian he had to do it, or I’d tell her about his vasectomy. Then I told Cora to make prime rib for dinner. With French bread.”


“I know I can’t wait to see the look on her face.”

“You rich people have weird problems,” Veronica said, and bit into her taco.

Delia thought for a moment, then shrugged. “You’re not wrong.”

Veronica opened her mouth to speak, then shut it with a sigh when her phone rang.

“Is that him again?”

“Yes.” Veronica set her taco down and reached for the wine bottle. “He’s called eight times since this morning. Four while I was in my meeting. Thank God I’d turned my phone off.”

“Does he actually think you’re going to talk to him?”

“No, he actually thinks I’m going to take him back.”

“How could he possibly think that?”

Veronica shrugged as she filled her wine glass. “My guess? He doesn’t hear the word ‘no’ very often. And when he does, he can usually talk his way out of it. He’s a born used car salesman.”

“You caught him balls deep in your neighbor,” Delia pointed out.

“Like I said, he doesn’t hear ‘no’ a lot.” Veronica passed the bottle, already half depleted, across the coffee table. “And I haven’t answered any of his calls or texts, which I’m sure is driving him crazy.”

“Good.” Delia filled her own glass. “What are you going to do about the trip?”

“The trip?” Veronica’s eyes went wide over her wine glass. “Oh, shit. The trip. It’s already paid for.”

“By you,” Delia reminded her.

“Yeah, but he gave me the money for his half.” She frowned, then reached for her phone with a sigh. “I guess I have to send it back to him.”

“The hell you are.” Delia snatched the phone off the coffee table before Veronica could. “Keep the money. Compensation for your pain and suffering.”

“I can’t do that, Delia,” Veronica told her. “He paid me using a money transfer app, I’ll just send it back the same way.”

“He fucked your neighbor on your grandmother’s quilt.”

“Okay, maybe I’ll let him sweat it a little.”

“That’s my girl,” Delia cheered, and held up the bag of takeout. “More?”

Because it was as good an idea as any, Veronica held out her hand.

“Remind me to call the airline,” she said as she carefully squeezed salsa onto her fresh taco. “I bought Derek’s plane ticket with my miles, so I can probably cancel it.”

“You bought his plane ticket?”

“With miles,” Veronica repeated defensively. “I didn’t spend any money.”

“Miles are money,” Delia said, clearly exasperated. “You cancel the ticket, and I’ll call the resort.”

Veronica chewed her taco thoughtfully. “What can they do?”

“They can get his name off the reservation, at least.” Delia dug her own phone out of her bag, then stared pointedly at Veronica. “What are you waiting for?”

Veronica sighed and set down her taco and wine. She didn’t want to deal with this right now. Getting drunk was a much better idea, and she wasn’t even halfway there. Tipsy, she concluded as she stood. The room only tilted a little before righting itself, and she was able to walk a reasonably straight line across the living room to the desk. She dug out the confirmation email from the airline, the one she’d dutifully printed and placed in her desk drawer at Derek’s hyper-organized insistence, and made her way back to the couch.

It took all of ten minutes to cancel the reservation, though it cost her a cancellation fee. She figured she could afford it, since Derek’s money was still sitting in her bank account. By the time she gave it back to him, she would’ve gotten paid again. And they were going to refund her miles, so all in all, it was less painful than it could have been.

Task accomplished, she set her phone down and refilled her wine. Delia was talking to someone, presumably the resort. She wasn’t saying much, just a lot of agreeable humming and the occasional “I see” or “of course”. It didn’t look like the conversation was winding down anytime soon, so Veronica set her wine glass on the arm of the sofa where she could easily reach the straw and picked up her phone.

She’d lost two hands of solitaire and was working on a third when Delia hung up. “Well, the good news is they can take his name off the reservation.”

Veronica set the phone aside and leaned over to suck up more wine. “What’s the bad news?”

Delia’s lips twisted into a grimace. “Since it was a special package—the friends and family deal—there have to be two people or the whole thing gets canceled with no refund.”

Veronica’s mouth dropped open and her wine straw fell out. “Seriously?”

“I know.” Delia ran a hand through her streaky blonde hair. “It’s one of the terms on the special package, and I didn’t notice when I booked it. I’m sorry.”

“So, I have to find someone else to come with me?”

Delia nodded. “They’ll put down whoever. The reservation’s in your name, and you can bring whoever you like as a guest. You just have to bring someone.”



“You can come with me.” Energized by the idea, Veronica leaned forward. “We’ll hang out on the beach, drink fruity umbrella drinks, get spa treatments. It’ll be so much fun, Dee.”

“I’d love to, sweetie,” Delia began. “But I’ve got the hospital fundraiser that week. Julian’s giving the keynote, and he’s so nervous. I can’t ditch him.”

Veronica scowled. “Dammit. I liked you better before you got married and devoted to someone else.”

Delia frowned. “There’s nobody else you can ask? What about your sister?”

“Oh, no.” Veronica shook her head vehemently, sending her short swing of dark hair dancing. “I’m not asking Gwen. She’ll spend the entire week telling me about her latest fad diet, she won’t want to drink because ‘empty calories’, and every time I eat something that’s not a raw vegetable, she makes this noise.” She sucked air through her teeth to demonstrate. “Plus, last time I talked to her she was raving about some vagina exercises she was into.”

Delia blinked. “Vagina exercises? You mean Kegels?”

“No, I mean like actual weight lifting. She saw some woman on Twitter doing it, and now she’s obsessed.”

“How do you lift weights with your pussy?”

“I have no idea, but if you want to find out, call Gwen. She’ll tell you all about it.”

“No, thanks.” Delia gave an exaggerated shudder. “Okay, Gwen’s out. What about some of your friends from school?”

“I doubt it, not on short notice like this.” Veronica drained her wine and reached for the bottle. “Are you sure you can’t ditch Julian? I knew you first.”

“Yes, but he gives me orgasms and pays for all my marijuana.”

“Shit. I can’t compete with that.”

“Hang on, hang on.” Delia picked up her phone. “I might know someone.”

“Not cousin Joel,” Veronica said with sudden horror.

Delia laughed. “No, not cousin Joel.”

Veronica frowned. “Not one of your ooh-la-la rich friends, either. I can’t handle the Ladies Who Lunch.”

“Snob,” Delia said absently, still scrolling through her phone.

“Well, yeah.” Veronica leaned back into the sofa, snuggling into the piles of pillows, and tried not to spill her now straw-less wine. “I only put up with you because I knew you when you were dirt poor.”

“So, I’m what? Your token rich friend?”

“Pretty much.” Veronica laid her head back against the cushions and stared at the ceiling. “You know what?”

“Shh, I’m on the phone.”

“I’m not that sad,” Veronica said, ignoring the directive. “I mean, I’m pissed. Really pissed. My grandmother’s quilt, for God’s sake.”

“Wyatt, it’s Delia Baker. How are you?”

“And without a condom, so I had to go get tested, and you know I hate getting blood drawn.” She could hear Delia talking to someone on the phone, a buzz of sound in the background. “But I’m not sad.”

She lifted her head to look at her friend. “Why is that, do you think?”

Delia tilted her phone away from her mouth. “Because you recognize that he’s a cheating piece of shit who doesn’t deserve your sadness. Now shut up, I’m on the phone.”

“Yeah, but you’d think I’d be a little sad,” Veronica protested, frowning at the ceiling. “I mean, we were together for two years. We were practically living together.”

“No, you weren’t. Yes, that’s her,” Delia said into the phone. “She’s drunk.”

“I am not drunk,” Veronica said with dignity. “I’ve had two glasses of wine, for God’s sake. I’m...”

“Relaxed?” Delia offered.

Veronica pointed at her. “Exactly. I’m relaxed. And I’m entitled to be as relaxed as I want, because my boyfriend is a cheating dick with a dead dick.”

Delia snickered into the phone. “Anyway, do you think he’d be interested? About twenty-five hundred, not including airfare. Really? Yeah, talk it out and call me back. Sure, no problem. Bye.”

Delia set her phone down with a grin. “I may have just sold Triple D’s half of the vacation.”

Veronica blinked. “To who?”

“To Wyatt.” Delia frowned at the coffee table. “Did you eat the last taco?”

“Probably,” Veronica said, and belched.

“So classy.”

“Thank you. Who is Wyatt, and why did you sell him my vacation?”

“Wyatt is a friend of Julian’s. He’s a pediatric nurse at the hospital. His husband is a lawyer at some law firm I can never remember the name of, but the firm is holding their annual retreat at the same resort.”

Veronica nodded. “So, he wants to go with him?”

“He’s already going with him.”

“Then why does he need Derek’s half of my vacation?”

“He doesn’t. Shane does.”

“I’m confused.”

“That’s because you’re drunk,” Delia told her, and poured the last of the wine into her own glass.

“Relaxed,” Veronica corrected haughtily, then burped again. “’Scuse me. Make sense, please.”

“Shane is Wyatt’s partner. He’s a woodworker.”

“What’s a woodworker?”

“Shane is.”

“No.” Veronica rolled her eyes. “I mean, what does being a woodworker mean?”

Delia shrugged. “In Shane’s case, it means he makes custom wooden furniture pieces, like tables and chairs, cabinets, beds. That kind of thing. He made the mahogany sideboard in our formal dining room.”

“Really? I love that piece. It’s gorgeous.”

“I know. It was hideously expensive and worth every penny. Judith even complimented me on it.”

Veronica frowned. “So, Shane is Wyatt’s husband?”

Delia sipped her wine. “No, Seth is Wyatt’s husband.”

“Then who’s Shane?”

“Wyatt’s partner.”

“I swear to God, Delia,” Veronica began.

Delia laughed. “Sorry. That had the makings of a great bit, I just wanted to see how far I could take it. Shane is Wyatt’s other partner.”

“Other partner.”

Delia nodded. “Wyatt and Seth are married, but they have a polyamorous relationship.”

“Which means...” Veronica prompted.

“It means they both have relationships outside of their marriage. I don’t think Seth is seeing anyone else at the moment, though, and anyway, from what Wyatt’s said he prefers casual hookups to relationships outside his primary. But Shane and Wyatt have been together for a couple of years.”

Veronica rolled that around in her mind. “Maybe I am drunk, because this makes no sense to me.”

“It’s kind of hard to wrap your head around at first.”

“No kidding.” Veronica frowned. “So, Shane is the one who’d be buying Derek’s half of the vacation?”

Delia nodded. “Seth and Wyatt are already going for the firm’s retreat. Wyatt said he’s been bugging Shane to join them, because he’s been buried in work and Wyatt thinks he really needs a break, but the place is sold out.”

“Oh. So would Shane be staying in my room with me, or would he be bunking with Seth and Wyatt?”

Delia shrugged. “Good question. When Wyatt calls me back, I’ll ask him. Are you okay if he stays with you?”

“I guess. There’s plenty of room, right?”

“I honestly don’t know.” Delia looked thoughtful. “I mean, it’s supposed to be for a couple, even with the upgrade.”

“What upgrade?”

“That’s what I called to tell you this morning. I got you upgraded to a beachfront condo instead of just a room in the main hotel.”


“It was being renovated, and it was finished ahead of schedule. And they were overbooked on the hotel end, so they called to ask if you could take the condo instead, and I told them yes.”

“I forgive you for being rich,” Veronica said solemnly.

Delia rolled her eyes. “Can we set fire to Dead Dick’s stuff now?”

“Oh. Right. I forgot.” Veronica pushed herself off the couch and started for the bedroom. “I have to gather it all up. Want to help?”

Delia started to answer, then turned to her phone when it buzzed. “That’s Wyatt.”

Veronica waved a hand. “Talk to him, then find me in the bedroom.”

“Okay. Hey, Wyatt.”

Veronica moved down the hall, Delia’s voice fading away as she stepped into her bedroom. She went right to the dresser in the corner, and the second drawer from the top that she’d cleared out for Derek’s use. Yanking it open, she eyed the contents with satisfaction. A couple of t-shirts, a pair of jeans, two pairs of the silk boxers he liked so much. Dress socks, a sweater, and three silk ties, neatly rolled.

She dumped the drawer out onto the floor and moved to the closet.

His grey suit hung there, still in its dry-cleaning bag. She tossed it onto the pile. Two dress shirts, one white and one in a pretty blue that Derek thought brought out the color in his eyes. He wasn’t wrong, she thought, and tossed the shirts on top of the suit. A pair of running shoes, practically brand new, and his beloved Ferragamo loafers joined the pile.

She’d moved on to the bathroom by the time Delia joined her.

“Okay, so Wyatt said—” She broke off when she saw the plastic shopping bag in Veronica’s hands. “What’s all that?”

“Derek’s grooming products.”

Delia peered into the bag. “He keeps all that here?”

“Not usually, but he went shopping yesterday. Nordstrom’s had a sale, and he likes to stock up.” Veronica shook the shopping bag. “I didn’t give him a chance to gather it up when I booted him out. What did Wyatt say?”

“Huh? Oh. He said Shane is in, so I called the resort and switched the names.”

“Cool. What about the sleeping arrangements?”

Delia pulled a jar of moisturizing cream out of the bag. “I should take this for Julian. He needs to start taking care of his skin.”

“With my blessing,” Veronica said, and pulled a half full tube of eye cream from the cabinet. “The sleeping arrangements?” she prompted. “Me or the boyfriends?”

“Boyfriend,” Delia corrected. “Shane and Wyatt are in a relationship, Shane and Seth aren’t.”

“Okay, then is he sleeping with me, or with his boyfriend and his boyfriend’s husband?”

“You.” Delia glanced up. “Is that okay?”

“Is he an asshole?”

“No.” Delia frowned. “Kind of quiet, and he communicates mostly in grunts, but he’s nice. At least he was when he was working on my sideboard.”

“A nice grunter.” Veronica thought for a moment, then shrugged. “I’m planning on spending most of my time at the beach anyway, so we probably won’t run into each other that much.”

“A wise outlook,” Delia told her. “Can I have this eye cream, too?”

“Take whatever you want, it’s all going in the trash.”

Delia frowned. “Are you sure? Some of this is really expensive. You could probably return the stuff that’s still in the package.”

“I’m sure I could return it. The receipt is still in the bag.” Veronica pursed her lips. “I could use a little extra cash to buy vacation clothes.”

“Awesome. We can do that after we burn the rest of his stuff.”

“Yeah, about that. I don’t think we should.”

“What?” Delia’s pretty face moved into a pout. “Why not?”

“Because someone should get some use out of them. That’s a practically brand-new suit, and I bet someone could use it. Besides, I’m not sure my landlord would appreciate me having a bonfire on the balcony. They won’t even let me have a grill out there.”

“Good point.” Delia chewed her lip for a moment, considering. “I know an organization that works with recently released prisoners. They help them write a resume, polish up their interviewing skills, give them something nice to wear on job interviews. We could try there.”

“Perfect. And the stuff they can’t use can go to the thrift store.”

“Too bad. I was really looking forward to burning them.”

“I know, honey.” Veronica patted her friend on the shoulder. “I’ll let you pick out at least two outfits for me to make it up to you.”

Delia’s face brightened. “Deal! You separate the returnable face goop from the non-returnable face goop, and I’ll grab the clothes. My driver can pick us up in about fifteen minutes, I told him to stick close by.”

“Rich bitch,” Veronica called after her.

“Snobby bitch,” Delia called back.

Veronica snorted out a laugh and started sorting. She had a nice little buzz on from the wine, and a whole afternoon of shopping with Derek’s money to look forward to. And best of all, she was getting revenge without having to post bail.

“That’s a win,” she said, and decided if there was enough money, she was getting a new bikini.

* * * * *

Shane eyed his lover with a combination of amusement, affection, and resignation. Or rather, the back of his lover’s head. His surfer boy blond locks were currently sporting a raging case of fuck-hair, courtesy of their mid-day romp and Wyatt’s win of the who-gets-to-bottom coin toss. “Are we really doing this?”

Wyatt put his phone down on the nightstand and rolled over so they lay face to face in the big bed. “We’re doing this, babe. You need the break.”

Wyatt had that determined look in his pretty blue eyes, the one that told Shane he’d dug in and wasn’t going to budge. Still, he tried one more time. “You know how I feel about horning in on your time with Seth.”

“I told you, Seth agrees with me,” Wyatt told him patiently. Wyatt did everything patiently, Shane thought wryly, which was why he usually got his way. “You’ve been burning it at both ends for months now, and if you’re not careful you’re going to burn out. Then you’ll be no good to me, and I’ll be forced to dump you for someone who’s better looking and has a bigger dick.”

Shane snorted. “Better looking, maybe. Bigger dick? Keep dreaming.”

Wyatt’s eyes gleamed with humor, and he trailed his hand down Shane’s chest to wrap it around the dick in question. He let out a happy sigh when he found it firm, thick, and yes, big. He gave it a single, hard stroke, wringing a grunt of pleasure from Shane.

“How are you hard?” Wyatt wondered. “It’s only been like, half an hour since we fucked.”

Shane glanced at the clock on the wall. “More like forty-five minutes.”

“Still.” Wyatt gave Shane’s cock another long stroke, and added a swipe of his thumb over the trio of piercings at the head. “You’re not usually ready to go again so soon.”

“It’s been a while,” Shane reminded him, closing his eyes as Wyatt’s thumb dragged against his piercings again. Wyatt’s hand was smooth and soft, his grip hard and tight. The contrast always drove him wild. “I’ve missed you.”

“It’s been a while because your schedule has been absurd,” Wyatt reminded him, and Shane opened his eyes with      a sigh.

“You’re not letting this go, are you?”


“Babe,” Shane began.

“Babe,” Wyatt repeated, not giving an inch. “You’re not horning in on my time with Seth. He’s going to be doing whatever retreat bullshit the firm has planned most of the time, anyway.”

Shane arched an eyebrow. “Some of which will include you.”

“Some,” Wyatt agreed. “And yes, being with Seth is my priority on this trip. But that’s no reason for you not to take advantage of the opportunity. You’re not even going to be rooming with us.”

Shane frowned. “Yeah, that’s another thing. Who is this woman, anyway?”

“A friend of Delia Baker’s. You remember, you did a sideboard for her.”

“Right.” Shane frowned as he flipped through his mental files. “Cute little blonde, kind of a smart ass, stays high all the time?”

“That’s Delia.”

“The sideboard turned out great,” he remembered. Gleaming mahogany, intricate details. Delia had been so thrilled with how it turned out, she’d offered him a joint when he delivered it.

“Anyway,” Wyatt went on, “according to Delia, her friend—Veronica—was supposed to take her boyfriend on the trip, but she walked in on him banging the neighbor this morning.”

Shane winced. “Ouch.”

“Right. So, he’s out, but the vacation package she bought specifies two people, so you’re in.”

Shane sighed. “Wyatt—”

“Shane.” Wyatt let go of Shane’s dick and sat up, his face serious. “Come on. What’s your big objection here?”

“Besides taking a week off of work, you mean?”

Wyatt didn’t roll his eyes, but Shane could tell he wanted to. “You told me yourself you’re ahead of schedule on your commissions, and you just shipped a bunch of stuff to the tourist shops so they’d be fully stocked for summer. And you don’t have any more festivals scheduled until the first week of June. Try again.”

Shane frowned in annoyance. The problem with lovers, he realized, was they so often saw through your bullshit. “You know how I feel about maintaining healthy boundaries.”

“Yes,” Wyatt said patiently. “Which is why I’ve been very clear that this is not an ‘us’ vacation. It’s a ‘you’ vacation. I just happen to be vacationing in the same place.”

“Come on.”

“I’m serious.” Wyatt raised a brow. “I’m going with my husband on a work trip. Yeah, I’ll probably have some downtime, and we might be able to hang.”

“Hang, or bang?” Shane interrupted.

“Any banging on this trip would have to be both discrete and cleared with Seth ahead of time. The firm is pretty tolerant of me as Seth’s spouse, but we are absolutely not putting him in the position of having to explain our relationship structure to his co-workers. So, while not completely impossible, I wouldn’t count on it.”

“I just think it’s a better idea if I’m not there at all,” Shane pointed out.

“But even if you can’t bang me, that doesn’t mean you can’t bang someone else,” Wyatt went on, ignoring what Shane felt was a very valid point. “In fact, I think you should.”

“Oh, for God’s sake.”

“I’m serious. How long has it been since you’ve been with a woman? Six months?”

Shane frowned. “About that. Not since Tracy and I broke up, anyway.”

“See?” Wyatt gave him a nudge. “Don’t you miss girls?”

“Don’t you?” Shane countered.

“Hell, yes.” Wyatt flopped back onto the bed with a dreamy sigh. “I miss it all. Soft skin and soft hair and soft tits and soft moans.”

“So, what you’re saying is, women are soft.”

“Mostly.” Wyatt frowned. “Compared to men. Or at least, compared to my men.”

“You’re stereotyping,” Shane pointed out.

“What I’m saying is, it’s been a long time since you’ve been with a woman.”

“I thought you were saying it’s been a long time since you’ve been with a woman.”

“Well, the last woman you were with was the last woman I was with,” Wyatt pointed out logically. “So really, same thing.”

Shane shook his head.

“I do miss having threesomes with you,” Wyatt mused. “Maybe, if you find someone you like, and she’s game, we can both get some vacation strange. I’d have to run it by Seth, and we’d have to be careful...”

“How did this get to be about you?” Shane wondered.

“Just the natural progression of things,” Wyatt answered, and grinned when Shane snorted. “Where was I?”


Wyatt shook his head. “Never mind, I remember. You need to relax, babe. Eat some good food, lie around in the sun, get a good night’s sleep for once. And yes, if the opportunity presents itself, get laid.”

Shane frowned, considering. He couldn’t deny that the idea of some time away was appealing. He’d been working non-stop for nearly a year now—one of the reasons Tracy had finally called it quits was that he was, quote, ‘never around, except for sex’. Which was true. He’d never seen Tracy as someone he wanted to spend a lot of time with outside of the bedroom, and thought she’d felt the same. Drastic misread on his part, and a mistake he didn’t care to repeat.

But still. He firmly believed that his relationship with Wyatt worked so well in part because the boundaries were clearly and firmly drawn. Seth was Wyatt’s primary partner, and Shane made sure to respect that relationship. He loved Wyatt deeply, and rarely experienced jealousy or envy over his lover’s husband, but sometimes the green-eyed monster reared its ugly head. It was simple human nature, and over the years he’d learned to recognize those feelings and deal with them in a healthy way. Honesty was key, he’d discovered, and so were those boundaries. Blurring them in any way, even temporarily, made him very uncomfortable.

“I can hear you thinking,” Wyatt drawled. “Do you want to call Seth and double-check with him?”

Shane almost smiled. He should’ve known Wyatt would know where his head was. “No.”

“Do you agree that you need a break?”

Shane stifled a sigh. “Yes.”

“Do you think we can all be adults and maintain the healthy boundaries we’ve all agreed work for us?”

“I thought Seth was the lawyer.”

“Just answer the question, dickhead.”

Shane grinned. If Wyatt was calling him names, he was getting agitated. “Yes.”


“We’re sure this Veronica woman is cool with it?”

“Completely. She was there while Delia and I were talking. She doesn’t want the ex-boyfriend coming along, and she needs a warm body to fill the spot or she loses the vacation.”

“That’s it?”

“Well, and twenty-five hundred dollars to cover your end of the expenses. Which I’m more than happy to pay since this was my idea.”

“I can handle the twenty-five,” Shane told him.

“Is that yes?”

“It’s a yes,” Shane grumbled, then laughed at Wyatt’s loud cheer.

Wyatt dove for his phone. “I’m calling Delia back right now, before you change your mind.”

“You do that.” Shane sat up. “I’m going to grab a shower.”

“Uh-uh.” Wyatt slapped a hand on Shane’s broad chest, holding him in place. “You stay put.”

Shane hid a smile. “For what?”

“For that,” Wyatt said, and nodded at Shane’s dick. It had softened a bit while they bickered, but was rapidly coming back to life.

“Don’t you have to go to work?”

“Nope. I switched my off day with Jane,” he said, referring to one of the other nurses on his floor. He raised the phone to his ear. “I want to fuck you this time, but first I want to suck that fat dick.”

“Well, then.” Shane stretched out on the bed, enjoying the pulse of arousal and the gleam in Wyatt’s eyes. “Talk fast.”


content warnings

Sharing Shane is fairly trauma-free, but there are a few things I want to make you aware of. There is cheating on-page by Veronica's ex-boyfriend in chapter one, and some discussion of previous relationship issues involving a couple of Shane's exes because it affects how he's handling his relationship with Veronica. Also, while I don't feel this needs a CW, I will mention that since Shane is bisexual, there is same-sex sexual activity on the page, and it is smokin' hot. You're welcome.

Sharing Shane is a polyamorous romance with a bisexual hero, an open-minded heroine, lots of sexy times and a happily ever after. 

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