Jane and the Sneaky Dom is the story of a woman who's bored in bed and in life by the men she dates, and goes looking for something more. And boy, does she get it!

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My first published book – the first romance novel I ever completed – and the one that is closest to my heart. The heroine, Jane, has a lot of me in her – I mean a LOT. It’s a little embarrassing, but I also get this swelling sense of pride when I remember how giddy I was when I finished it, and how thrilled I was when it was accepted for publication. 

And yes, the car that Ian drives is modeled after the one in Gone in Sixty Seconds. I love that movie, and I LOVE that car. That scene (and if you’ve read it, you know which one I mean) jumped into my head fully formed, and I had to stop everything and write it down. I usually write a book from start to finish in order, but that scene just wouldn’t let me go.  I would personally have sex on that car, but only if it was covered by some sort of giant chamois cloth to protect the finish.  Hey, it’s a ’67 Mustang! Some things are sacred.

behind the book

Ian dragged his tongue up to her ear, flicked the lobe, and said, “Come,” in a growl, just before he set his teeth to her neck and bit down – hard.

Jane’s eyes few wide at the command, the sudden sensation of his teeth in her skin, and then rolled back into her head as her body went super nova. Her clit exploded, and sparks went off in her vision as she felt her womb clamp down in hard, rhythmic spasms. She felt him suddenly grow bigger and harder inside her, stretching her impossibly wide and setting off a fresh round of spasms before the first had even fully subsided.

She heard his muffled shout of satisfaction, his teeth still sunk into her neck, and savored the feel of him pulsing inside her. As completely focused as she was, the sound of her bedroom door opening barely registered. But Lacey’s cheerful voice brought her crashing back to earth.

“Hey girl – you awake? I brought bagels...” Jane’s eyes popped wide. Even though her back was to the door, her head was still bent almost completely back by Ian’s grip on her hair. So she had a perfect upside-down view of Lacey, standing in the doorway, bakery bag in one hand and her jaw on the floor.

Even as she was struggling to focus enough to form words, Lacey was scrambling, juggling the bakery bag and fumbling for the doorknob. “Um...I’ll just take these to the kitchen.” She waved the bag in the air like a banner. “You just…”she gestured wildly with the bag, hitting herself in the face, “take your time.” Rubbing her nose, she pulled the door closed behind her, and Jane could hear her footsteps fade down the hall.

Ian released his death grip on her hair and hands, easing her back to lie on the bed, her head nearly resting on the footboard. He brushed her hair back from her face, grinning into her stunned expression. “Well,” he rumbled, “do you think she brought enough bagels for me, too?”

Fifteen minutes later, Jane tightened the sash on her robe and headed down the hall towards the kitchen. Ian was using the shower, and considering how much time men usually spent on personal grooming, she figured she had ten minutes, maybe fifteen at the outside, to talk to Lacey before he joined them.

She walked into the kitchen, her features schooled into a mask of polite indifference, to find Lacey sitting at the small dinette table by the window. She’d made coffee, and was calmly sipping the steaming brew from a mug that proclaimed “Do I Look Like A Fucking Morning Person to You?” and nibbling on a poppy seed bagel spread thick with cream cheese. She turned her head to look at Jane, her face devoid of expression.

Jane walked to the table and began rummaging in the bakery bag. “Did you get any blueberry?” she asked, keeping her head down and allowing her hair to curtain her face.

“Should be some in there.” Lacey took a bite of bagel, a small sip of coffee.

“Great,” Jane enthused, tugging the bagel from the bottom of the bag and sitting down across from Lacey. She tore off a hunk, dipped in into the container of cream cheese on the table between them, and popped it into her mouth.

Lacey set down her cup, carefully slid her bagel to the side. Jane finished chewing, and folded her hands on the table in front of her.

Their eyes met across the table and held for a long moment. “So,” Lacey finally said, sounding for all the world like she was making a dentist appointment. “What’s new with you?”

The question hung in the air while they stared at each other, poker faced. Then Lacey’s left eyebrow twitched. Jane’s nose wiggled. A giggle escaped Lacey’s lips, and she quickly choked it back and folded her lips, as if to contain any further outbursts. Jane quickly turned the chuckle tickling her throat into a cough.



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